I WANT THESE SALADS - what is the delivery zone?

We’re currently delivering to offices within the location below - if you are outside of the current zone send us a message and you’ll be the first to know when we expand!

JarTime - Delivery Map


My elevator is private but I want to get in fresh delivery salads - can I become a customer?

For sure! Let us know you have a private floor and leave a contact number in the notes section when you check out. We will give you a call between 9AM and 12PM Monday morning to pick up in your building lobby!


I order salads every week - is there a way to make this more convenient?

First off, you rock! Secondly YES! Subscribe to weekly deliveries and your salad order will be processed automatically every week. Even better - you’ll save 10%!


What do I do with all these jars?

You’re in luck! Along with FREE delivery, Jar Time also offers FREE pick-up of the empty jars. Simply leave the jars either in the Jar Time crate or with the front desk Monday mornings and we will pick them up to sanitize and reuse!


I’m allergic to <insert ingredient> can I still order?

We are able to leave an ingredient out of your salad but we cannot commit to ensuring the salads has not been in contact with *blank* ingredient. Please add a note to your checkout - if we have a major concern about your allergy request we will contact you directly to confirm.


I want to subscribe but what if I finally book that Mexico vacation I’ve been dreaming about?

Book it! And pause your weekly salad delivery! No fees, no hassle, no worries! Remember salad orders for subscriptions are processed the week prior to delivery. If you are heading to Mexico on Feb 1st, you would need pause your order w/o Jan 22nd for example.


I’m planning to play hooky on Monday - can my jars be delivered still?

We are the last to judge, YOLO right? Just ask an office pal to be in charge of grabbing your salad and putting it into the fridge, Jar Time is not responsible for refrigeration of the salads after delivery has been complete.


Is your delivery zone strict? Like strict strict?

Currently we only deliver within our zone. If your office is just outside of the zone shoot us a message, we will deliver if your office reaches a minimum of 15 jars pending the location!

Not at 15 jars?

Leave us your digits (office postal code and email) and we will hit you up once Jar Time is coming your way!


I’ve tried to complete my order but “There are no shipping methods available for your cart or destination.” keeps popping up, what gives?

Unfortunately your location is outside of our delivery zone. See answer above for a few options!