How It Works

Step 1: Time to Shop

Every week 3 new salads will be listed on the homepage including 1 vegetarian option. All salads are made with taste and satiety being the priority! Every salad is crafted with care and local products will be sourced when possible. Please note that the salads may contain or be in contact with nuts, gluten, and/or dairy.


Step 2: Time to Order

Once you’ve taken a look at the new weekly offerings finalize your order by Friday at 5PM. All deliveries will occur Monday morning between 9–11:30AM. If you want to make the process even easier, subscribe to weekly deliveries and save 10%. Subscriptions range from 2-5 salads per week and will include a mixed variation of the 3 weekly salads. Your subscription can be paused, altered, or cancelled at any time. 


Step 3: Time to Eat

Salads will be delivered directly to your office Monday morning. Note that delivery can only occur to offices with public elevator access within the current delivery zone (see below for details). An email will be sent to you once the salads are in your office lobby and ready to be picked up for immediate refrigeration. If you will not be in the office Monday morning pass on the salad pick-up duties to a co-worker. Jar Time does not take responsibility for keeping the salads refrigerated once the delivery has been made. Remember salads can be consumed within 5 days once delivered! 


Step 4: Time to Recycle 

Once you’ve enjoyed your delicious Jar Time salad simply rinse out the jar and place it back into the Jar Time crate. The Jar Time crew will collect empty jars throughout the week to be sanitized and refilled. Reusing the jars keeps clean up simple for you while helping the environment. That’s what we call a win-win!


Delivery Zone

Jar Time is delivering fresh salads directly to offices within the zone shown below. If you work outside of our current delivery area and want to order please contact usWe are constantly looking to bring more salads to more desks!

JarTime - Delivery Area